About us

Q8 Research & Technology is located in the Netherlands in Europoort, Europe’s most important port and industrial area.

One of our main responsibilities is to develop cost effective product formulations for lubricating oils, prime products, aerosol propellant and bitumen which are marketed under the Q8 brand. Lubricating oil, aerosol propellant and bitumen formulations are made using products derived from Kuwait crude oil, ensuring high quality and consistency.

New environmental regulations place heavy demands on these products. Careful attention is paid to customer needs by taking into account both functional requirements and legislative demands. Support is also provided on safety, health and environmental issues related to the handling of petroleum products.

Our main thrust is in applied research where in depth investigations are carried out into future technical requirements of petroleum products in relation to refining processes and customer and legislative demands.

As the central technical facility, Q8 Research & Technology is responsible for all new product development, product specifications, safety data sheets, quality control procedures and the specification of most of the purchased materials.

We also provide quality control for Q8’s Europoort refinery. In addition to testing and certificating all final products, we cooperate in problem solving, optimising the daily operation of the units and selecting new test techniques.

For all these activities Q8 Research & Technology employs specialists in petroleum products, backed by physical, analytical, chemical and performance test laboratories equipped with state of the art instruments.