Analytical lab

Test & compare catalysts under industrial conditions

Analytical lab

For more than 50 years high quality petroleum products are produced and blended in refineries and blend facilities in Europe compliant to strict regulations. During transportation and storage of those products things can go wrong, what will have an impact on the final quality and performance of the products. What can result in severe financial damage to operator a customer.

Q8Research is your perfect partner to advise you in case of issues and to prevent issues to occurs

Our expertise

  •  Q8Research has 50 years experience with product analysis 
  •  A team of experts handles issues and offers solutions to customers
  •  Q8Research has a full equipped lab analytical lab

Potential Engine issues

  • Engine breakdown at end customer
  • Frozen product
  • Bacterial contamination

Our offer

Research offers a full service package for petroleum product quality issues

  • We diagnose the issue that you’re facing and decide what analytical testing is necessary to have a correct analysis of the problem/claim
  • We take the samples at your facilities, by professional samplers to make sure we have enough product and sampled at the right location to make a correct analysis of the product
  • The samples are analysed in a professional lab with legally approved analysis methods (ASTM, EN, DIN)
  • Our experts make an interpretation of the results and compose an advisory report.
  • Next to product samples, we can also analyse filters, engine parts i.e. injectors, valves in case of more complex issues

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