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Extensive training programs


Our extensive training programs cover many aspects of the petroleum indus­try. They are held in our research and development laboratories in the Neth­erlands which have specially equipped facilities. Alternatively, our lecturers can run training courses on site, anywhere in the world.

For more information on the courses below, please send us an email: [email protected]

Training types

Awareness Training:

Basic classical training for large groups with different technical and non-technical background. The objective is to create basic know/edge of a specific topic. It's open for all type of profiles. 

Advanced Training:

Advanced classical training for medium size group of more experienced professionals. The objective is to get in depth knowledge of a specific topic. It helps the trainee to improve its professional skilIs. Theoretical classes are altered with exercises and practical training (the latter, if held at Q8 Research facilities).

Masterclass Training:

A multi-subjects tailor made training for small size groups at Q8 Research. The objective is to get a wide range of topics around a subject. It' s a complete set of classical training, practical exercices and a guided tour at the Q8 Research facilities and optionally a visit to an external company. 

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