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Refinery related

Refinery related

Without petroleum products the world would literally grind to a halt. The dependency on it is evident in all aspects of our daily lives. Kuwait Petroleum is  one of the major refiners of petroleum products.

This is a comprehensive course designed to give  an introduction to the refining process and products for technical employees new in the business or non technical employees.

Course Objective

After the course you will have basic understanding of …

  • Crude: what is it and differences crude sources
  • How a refinery works
  • The application and characteristics of the main refinery products
  • How legislation and standardization drives global fuel developments
  • Overview of fuels development to help reducing the global warming & other environmental issues

Course Modules

Module 1: Refinery Products

This module is the core of the course and gives the participant a basic understanding of all the major refinery products, their typical characteristics and their application in the market:

Module 2: Crude Oil Refining

Crude oil is found in different places around the world. Questions like “what is crude oil”, “what are the differences” and “what is typical for Kuwait Crude” will be covered in the first module of the course.

In this module the participant will gain an overview of how a refinery works, different types of refineries and the most common major units.

Module 3: Legislation, Standardisation & Fuel Developments

The module covers legal and environmental drives for petroleum product specifications, aswell as the safety aspect related to it.

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